Fireside story with Ivan “My friend Skygni”

“I first met my good friend Skygni right after we rescued Amieko from the cell the Oni Kimandatsu used to imprison her and the man named Ulf.  Skygni like the others was captured and being kept imprisoned by Kimandatsu.  Once the door was opened the legend of winter wolfs was no longer just a legend.”

Ivan waves his hand and cast an image spell everyone seeing Skygni walk out of his prison cell.

“Once the great winter wolf had finished feeding, I then helped guide Skygni to freedom. At the time I wondered if we would ever see him again.”

“Once we got back out on the road I noticed that someone was getting to my traps before me. It wasn’t long before I spotted Skygni taking game from a trap. He was eating animals instead of people so I guess it was a fair tradeoff. The thing that cemented our friendship was bacon, we both have a taste for bacon. Even for a winter wolf I could see that he did not care for cooked bacon so his weekly share of bacon was always presented raw. Skygni is not a patient wolf so he would ask me every day if we can have bacon.”

The images change to reflect different scenes with Skygni.

“During our travels north from Kalsguard Skygni taught me as much as he could teach a non-winter wolf about the high ice. He has no real concept of the cold because he is not effected by the cold. Even with in cold his sense of smell is a great asset to him but lacking his sense of smell meant some of this hunting techniques just won’t work for me. He also told me of how his life mate was killed by one of the great worms on the high ice. That made me feel sad but there wasn’t anything I could say or do to help. All that I was able to do was just be a friend and travel companion until we parted ways.”

“When the dragon was killing people in Iqaliat Skygni just kept telling me that you shouldn’t mess with dragons. He liked to tell me that on the high ice you should avoid the things that will eat you and hunt everything else. Skygni traveled with us as we approached the cave of the dragon but he stayed behind with our guide, I did whisper to him that he should not eat the guide. Skygni did remind me that he preferred pork.“

“With the dragon defeated I surprised Skygni with his own chunk of dragon meat. His response was that we are both now eaters of dragon meat. So I have been given the title of Ivan who eats dragons by my friend. I have of course shared this honor with Sesi who is also now recognized by Skygni as an eater of dragon and a friend of Skygni. A lot of the friend part has to do with her providing Skygni with numerous chunks of large hams that she pulled out of my bag of holding.”

“Once the caravan made it to the high ice my good friend Skygni said his goodbyes. Maybe someday our path with cross again. Hopefully this will be as friends.”

The image changes to show Skygni heading off into the snow, disappearing from sight.

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