Arts and Crafts and Friendships

Wealday, Abadius 2, 4713 morning
Dead Man’s Dome

The darkness ruled supreme along with its close ally the cold. Both would continue their undisputed dominion over the frozen northern lands for months to come, after which day would creep back and once again challenge the night for supremacy. The cold did not care. It was capricious by nature and lightness or darkness served its bitter purpose equally well.

But there was a blemish on the long face of the night: a bubble of light that had inched its way across the black frozen wastes for months. From closer in small figures could be seen moving about preparing for the day’s labors.

Kali bit on her lower lip as she spoke. “I am sorry this took so long. I wanted to start right after we left the Tower, but…” She shifted uncomfortably as her voice trailed off. “I hope you like how it came out. I am still new to jewelry.”

Kali held up a bronze headband with graceful green filigree looping around several tiny green gems.

“You used the tourmalines,” Qatana said with excitement. “And you’ve made it beautiful!”

Qatana took the headband, turning it over in her hands and tracing the patterns with her fingers.

“I’ve seen headbands like these in the shops,” Qatana continued, “but they’ve always been plain simple things. Not like this.”

“It turns out I did not need the gems for the enchantment,” Kali replied, “but it seemed a shame to leave them out. And, I wanted this to tell a story.”

Qatana looked over at her friend. “She’s always like this,” she thought, “Always doing more than what would simply suffice. Always thinking of others. Always reaching for perfection. And always downplaying her own accomplishments.” She opened her mouth to express her gratitude, not just for the headband but for Kali’s friendship as well, but as usual, the words seemed to stick and her throat, and the best she could do was croak out a woefully inadequate, “Thanks.”

Frustrated that her voice had betrayed her when she needed it the most she reached over and hugged Kali.

The sudden display of physical affection took Kali by surprise. Qatana disliked being touched and did not willingly touch other people. “You’re welcome,” she said in reply.

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