Ivan’s Iqaliat adventure Part II (family is everything)

Day 5 evening

Sesi quickly led me through the streets up to the door of her home. Inside an old woman started to dish up what looks like stew.

Sasi said “Ivan this is my Grandma”

I replied “Nice to meet you”

Grandma said “Oh Ivan we met on the night of the party. There were a lot of people there so I am not surprised that you don’t remember.”

Grandma said “come eat while it’s hot and tell me about your family”

For a couple of hours this woman grilled me for every detail about my family. I tried to change the subject a couple of times but she just kept politely bring me back to talking about my family. At one point I looked over at Sesi who was washing the dishes.

Sesi just smiled and said “Grandma won’t stop until you tell her everything”

Grandma in a convincing voice somehow persuaded me to keep talking about my family. Unfortunately she played on the fact I have a close bond with my family so it is too easy for me to ramble on about my family. I haven’t even shared this information with the group of people I am traveling with yet I spilled everything to these two.

Grandma said “Well Ivan I am glad to meet a young man with such deep a connect to his family. Now help an old lady up. I want to move over to my chair.”

Grandma limped over to the chair and sat down.

I said “Are you ok”

Sesi said “she hurt her leg but won’t go see the healer”

Grandma said “I will be alright in a few days”

Before Grandma could refuse I said while casting healing “Here I can help with that”

Grandma said “That does heal better. You hunt and you can heal. That’s interesting”

I said “Well I should be going”

I felt a tug as Sesi pulls on my arm as she said “Nope, Grandma is going to tell a story now”

Sesi guided me over to an oversized chair and sat me down. She went into the kitchen area and returned with a drink for Grandma before climbing into the chair with me. I kept waiting for Grandma to tell me to watch were I put my hands but she just started telling stories about Sesi’s family.

Hours later Grandma finally finished. She got up and proclaimed “I’m off to bed, Ivan you can stay in the first room at the top of the stairs.”

Sesi said “Good night Grandma”

Grandma replied “Good night”

Sesi yawned and said “I’m really tired”

I replied “I should go then”

Sesi cuddled in closer and just said “nope”.

A few minutes later Sesi was asleep. There was nothing for me to but to lay there and enjoy the moment.


Day 6

The morning started with the door opening and Atana walking into the house.

Sesi just turns her head towards Atana and said “Good morning Atana”

Atana said “I was going to ask you about Ivan but”

Atana continued to speak “I was hoping to get use of Ivan to help carry fire wood out to the other hunting site. His bag holds a lot of fire wood so we won’t have to make several trips.”

Sesi replied “That will be a lot more fun than helping Anuun move barrels.”

Atana said “meet me at the gate in 30 minutes”

I gathered up my stuff and met Atana and Eska at the gate. The trip to the hut was an easy walk even at the fast pace being set by Atana. Even the weather was nicer than the first trip. We quickly stacked the wood and then sat for a quick break before returning.

Atana said “Ivan the weather is really good maybe we should stay and hunt for a day or two. What do you think?”

Eska interrupted with “I have to get back. We should start heading back”

Atana replied “what if we hunt for the rest of the day and then head back first thing in the morning?”

Eska replied “I guess that would be ok”

Atana replied “Fine then it is settled”

Atana and I spent several hours hunting before returning to the hut. Again I had to wait around while Atana and Eska get enough sleep.

Day 7

Eska has been complaining about having to sleep in the hut since last night. We started to pack up when all of a sudden he yelled “Keep your hands off Atana” while attempting to hit me. I didn’t know what to say.

Eska continued “You can’t take her away from me.” While again trying to hit me.

Atana grabbed Eska and pulled him outside. They were out there for about 5 minutes when Atana return.

Atana said “Eska is worried that once I experience you” while hand signaling the double quote sign for experience.

I replied “That’s crazy. Didn’t you tell him that we don’t have a connection like that?”

Atana replied “yes, but..”

I replied ”but what?”

Atana continued with “I don’t really find you attractive. Basically I think of you as just a friend.”

I replied ”but what?”

Atana replied “just a minute” as she heads outside.

A few minutes later Atana opened the door and walked back into the hut.

Atana in a monotone voice said “I don’t find you attractive but I have this compelling urge to be with you. So let just get this over with so I can get on with my life with Eska”

I was still trying to figure out what she had said when I noticed that Atana was halfway undressed.

I replied “wait no. we are not going to do this”

I picked up my pack and headed out the door. I glanced over at Eska and said “Go take care of your woman”

After a few minutes Atana and Eska emerged from the hut ready to head back to town. For the first several hours none of us said anything. About 45 minutes from town I saw Eska trip and fall breaking the silence with “shit I hurt my ankle”

Without saying a word to either of them I walked over and cast cure wounds on Eska.

I said “Can you walk now””

Eska replied “Yes, that feels better”

We made our way back to town without any further words between us. Eska quickly headed off towards his work and Atana just stopped.

Atana in that same monotone voice said “It’s not too late you can still have me“ as I walked past her.

I headed over and checked on Sparna and he was working on the armor. I started to walk to the defacto meeting place “The tavern” but I decided to try Sesi’s house first. I knocked on the door and a few minutes later her Grandma opened the door.

Gandma said “Ivan you don’t have to knock, just come in side. Sesi is over helping Anuun move some barrels. You should go over and help them”

Following Grandma’s instructions I found my way to Anuun.

I said “hey Anuun how can I help”

Anuun replied “Atana, Eska, Sesi, and Ulva are working over their so let just have you go with Sedna on the wagon to help her unload.”

I said “Hi I’m Ivan”

In a gruff voice Sedna replied “Yes. You are the outsider”

After about 15 minute riding with the quiet Sedna we arrived at the destination.

The man gruffly said “Why is he with you”

Sedna replied “Anuun sent him to help unload. I guess Anuun couldn’t find something useful for him to do so I got stuck with him”

The man replied “Oh. Just make sure he doesn’t drop any of the barrels”

I quietly worked to unload the barrels and then waited on the wagon as the woman finished up talking with the man. Once we finally made it back I tracked down Anuun.

I said “Anuun I don’t think it is a good idea for me to work with Sedna”

Anuun replied “Oh gosh I forgot about her dislike for outsiders. I don’t suppose her husband was any friendlier. Wait here a minute”

Anuun headed off out of site and a few minutes later I see Sesi round the corner.

Sesi in a sassy voice said “I here you have woman troubles”

I said “So does that mean I am in trouble with you?”

Sesi again in the sassy voice said “It depends”

I replied “Depends on what?”

Sesi again in the sassy voice replied “It depends on if I have to sleep in the chair by myself again tonight”

I replied “Is that an offer”

Sesi replied “Of course”

We continued working together for the rest of the day. Once the work was done Sesi and I agreed that this might not be a good day for me to visit the tavern. We headed over to her house and spent a pleasant evening that included stories of grandma’s father. I was surprised to learn that grandma’s father was an outsider before marrying her mother. Once again we fell asleep together in the chair.

Day 8

The door opened and Ulva stepped in out of the cold. Ulva looked over at us still cuddling in the chair and said “Is she awake yet”

Sesi replied “Yes”

Ulva replied “Good we need to talk”

Ulva continued with “My sister is still obsessed so I was thinking that we could take Ivan out for a couple of days of hunting”

Sesi replied “That’s a great idea. I have missed out on the last few hunts so it would be great to get away. I can be ready in an hour so get your stuff and me us back here”

Ulva replied “Ok, be back in just a little while”

A little while later Ulva and Anunn arrive all packed for the hunting trip.

Ulva said “Ivan I stopped by and told Sparna that you will be out hunting for a few days”

I replied “thanks”

We made our way through the streets towards the gate. As we passed by the general store Ulva said “Wait I want to get something”

Sesi replied “I’ll go with you”

From behind us we heard “We don’t like outsiders that treat our women poorly”

I turned around and said “Just relax. We don’t want any trouble”

I figured they were like the others in town that openly don’t like outsiders but I was wrong. The first hit from the clubs they were carrying felt like this guy was channeling Sparna or Redella. I attempted to dodge out of the way but the other two landed solid hits on me as well.

I heard Ulva yell “Hay stopped that. He is not hurting anyone”

Sesi replied “Ivan please don’t hurt them”

I heard footsteps behind me that I was really hoping it was Sesi and Ulva.

The fourth thug was holding a club up to Anuun’s face and said “Stay out of this Anuun. I don’t want to hurt you”

I simply stepped back without any weapons in hand and healed myself. Why did the gods decide at this moment to give me the least amount of healing as possible, there must be a lesson?

I felt the contact of some more maces. Everything started to get fuzzy. Everything was fuzzy but I am pretty sure that at least one of the two Ulva’s must be real. I heard talking but I just could not make out what they were saying or who was talking. There was something just in front of me but I could not clearly make out who it was. Oh it’s the ground and then the world goes completely black.

A strange voice said “Ivan”

I replied “where am I”

The strange voice said “That’s not important right now”

The voice continued “The real question is not where you are but why you are here”

I replied “I don’t understand”

The strange voice replied “Of course you don’t and that is exactly why you find yourself here right now”

I replied “Who are you?

The voice replied “That is the right question. Now don’t make me do this again.”

Day 9

The darkness began to fade being replaced by a view of a blurry room. At first I could hear talking but I wasn’t sure if it was real.  Soon everything becomes clear.

Sesi said “Oh finally you are awake. Grandma wasn’t sure how long it would take for the healing herbs to take affect”

I replied “how long have I been out”

Sesi replied “Since yesterday”

I said “help me up”

Sesi sternly said “No Grandma told me you needed to stay here and rest”

I replied “can you at least let me sit up. It is easier to cast healing while sitting”

With a bit of effort and pain I was able to sit up. The first cast of healing felt so good and after the second healing spell I felt like normal again.

I said “ok I have healed myself can I get up now”

Sesi replied “No. You have to rest until Grandma says that it is ok”

Looking over at Sesi I noticed she was not wearing her normal boots and said “Nice boots”

Sesi replied “I’ll give them back once grandma says you’re ok:”

Sesi said “So just a few minutes ago before you woke up you were talking like someone else was here. At the same time this symbol started to glow”

On que Grandma entered the room and gave me a quick look over. Grandma said “What’s this about glowing symbols”

Sesi replied “That one was glowing and then this area started to glow and as you can see he now has the symbol of the wind spirit”

Grandma replied “That is the symbol of Cayden Cailean. Very interesting. So does this happen often”

I replied “No, as far as I know it has never happened before”

Grandma replied “We should keep this to ourselves for now.”

I said “Can I get out of bed now?”

Grandma replied “I’m not stopping you” as she walked out of the room.

Sesi stood up and said “Today you are going to rest. But I see no reason that we can’t have you rest in the chair downstairs”

We spent the rest of the day and night cuddling in the chair.

Day 10

The door opened and Anuun walked in with Eska in tow. An obvious look of nerviness shown on his fact and be spoke “Ivan I am sorry for going crazy, I just was so jealous.  I didn’t even think they were listening when I was complaining in the tavern”

I replied “I don’t blame you for the actions of those that were just looking for any reason to go after any outsider”

Eska said “I can you guys talk to Ulva for me?”

Sesi jumped in and said “Let’s me later at the tavern. All of us”

Eska responded in a shaky voice “ok but you’re going to talk to Ulva first right?”

Anuun responded with “I’ll talk to Ulva”

On the way to the tavern we stopped in to talk with Sparna.

I said “Sparna I need a special shortsword. Something like this can only be created by someone that I would consider like family. The sword has to have these 4 symbols on the blade and the symbol of Torag on the hilt.”

Down at the tavern everyone seemed happy. I didn’t even hear any stray comments about outsiders. Everyone was friendly and I heard stories and legends about creatures that live on the high ice. It was nice to have all 7 us once again showing each other that we are still friends.

Sesi suddenly stood up and said “It’s time to go dance to the wind spirits. What do you say Ivan are you ready to try it again?“

I replied “You’re very brave while wearing those boots aren’t you”

Sesi replied “Yep”

I casted endure elements on the rest of us and we ran off to the cliffs once more, this time with clothes on. At the cliffs we laughed and danced for hours before everyone headed off home.

Day 11

The door opens and two figures of Anuun and Ulva enter. Sesi just lifts her head slightly to greet the two “Good morning Ulva, Anuun”

Ulva replied “You two are always in that chair. “

Sesi replied “It’s our spot”

Ulva said “So we never got that hunting trip in. How about we head out today. Anuun and I are ready to go.”

Sesi replied “Ivan is always packed. He is always hopeful that we are going hunting. Come on you can help me pack.”

After a few minutes they returned and we headed out. This time we made it past the gate and onto the trail.

I said “Oh wait I didn’t tell Sparna”

Ulva replied “Anuun and I stopped by the forge on the way to the house and told Sparna”

After several uneventful hours we made it back to the ice hut. We split into two group Sesi and me in one group and Aunuun and Ulva in the other. After several hours Sesi and I had all of our traps in place. It took Ulva and Anuun quite a bit longer to get all of their traps set so they return to the hut about an hour after us.

Anuun said “sorry I am not really good at trapping”

Ulva said “I actually asked him along so we could spend some time together”

Sesi said “oh Ivan likely doesn’t know that you guys are now engaged”

I must have had some kind of strange look on my face because all three of them just started laughing.

Anuun said “Ivan relax. Sesi and I both know about your fling with Ulva”

Ulva said “It was fun but my heart as always belong to Anuun. You were my last fling”

I replied “That’s ok. It has always been the story of my life”

Sesi said “What do you say are you ready for her to be your last fling as well?”

I said something like “ah ah ah ah. But grandma said it was important for me to finish helping Ameiko!”

Sesi replied “Yes my husband will have to go off and save the world. But then you will return home to me”

I replied with “ok then I will just stay here and let the others continue on with Ameiko”

Sesi replied “The wind spirit symbol that showed up while you were hurt was a clear sign. The wind spirit was telling me that I have to let my husband go off and save the world unless you really don’t want to be my husband”

I replied “ok but I think it would be better if my companions don’t know about it just yet.”

Ulva said “So just keep your friends out of the tavern and we should be ok. I will let the chief and heartmistress not to say anything. Although there is usually a party when we have weddings so that might be hard to hide.”

Sesi replied “If we hurry back to town so the party is done before his friends return then it might be possible. Most of the people don’t like to talk with outsiders anyway.”

Anuun said “What about Sparna?”

I said “I’ll just ask Sparna to not share this. There is no way we can have a party without Sparna showing up to talk with the people.”

Ulva replied “true. Besides even some of the people who don’t talk with outsiders have been talking with Sparna?

We hurried back to town to arrange the details. We stopped by the house to tell grandma.

Sesi said “Grandma were going to get married right away.”

Grandma replied “Ok, let me go tell everyone that the party is a go for tomorrow”

Sesi and I just stood there looking at each other as we watch grandma head out the door. I clasped Sesi’s hand and gently pulled her over to the chair.

Sesi said “Well we might as well get comfortable”

Day 12

We awoke to grandma handing us each a drink. Grandma excitedly said “drink up its going to be an exciting day”.

As grandma scurried off Sesi said “Maybe we can just run off and get married”

I replied “Nope. Grandma would kill both of us”

We made it through the rest of the day. Luckily Ulva and Anuun decided to get married at the same time so at least we were not the complete focus of everyone.

Day 13

The door open and Ulva entered the room. Looking at the two of us she said “You know that you are married now so you don’t have to sleep in the chair”

Sessi whispered “I think we decided that we were too drunk to make it up the stairs. It’s all kind of fuzzy.”

I began to cast delay poison to help myself but my own loud voice hurt so much that I couldn’t complete the spell.

In a low voice Ulva said “So I think we should skip hunting for today”

Sesi whispered “If either of you make me move I will kill you”

I imagined that Ulva was likely finding this funny but I couldn’t focus my eyes enough to actually see her.

Day 14 Return of the Caravan (Neth 8th)

The others returned today and over a pint at the tavern my new friends were properly introduced to my traveling companions. One of the thugs from a few nights ago walks up and said “here Ivan I didn’t get a chance to buy you a drink Ah the other night.”

Ulva smiled and said “He was stubborn but with the help of Sparna he now has a new respect for outsiders”



Neth 10 evening

Sesi and I have spent the last couple of days at the ice hut hunting and spending time together. I told the others that she was teaching me how to better hunt on the ice, which is truthful.

Our first argument was over equipment and money.

I said “So I will feel better if you keep the boots so I know that you are protected from the cold”

Sesi replied “Absolutely Not. These boots are going to make sure you get back home to me safely. You can give them to me when you get back home”

I replied “I’m not going to win on this one am I”

Sesi sassily responded “No my love”

I replied “Ok then here is one of my extra bows, and I will get another masterwork shortsword. Since you are not going to take the boots then I insist that you take one of the campfire beads.”

I pulled 50 gold out the small bag and put the rest in the pile of stuff for Sesi.

Anger shown on Sesi face as she said “I am not some helpless woman that needs to be taken care of. I am not asking for your money”

I replied “I just decided to leave most of our money here at home. Is it ok for me leave stuff at home?”

Sesi replied “Oh, I miss you already.”

Sesi handed me a brand new shirt and said “Here I bought you a new shirt”

I replied “But this shirt is fine”

Sesi picks up my perfectly good shirt off the bed puts the shirt on. I guess that shirt is staying here.

Neth 11

I said my goodbyes to Sesi and we headed down the road towards fate.


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