Ivan’s journal: Are mice really gods?

The recent gifts that were given to me by the gods have been amazing. To actually be able to hear from Sesi on a regular basis is nothing short of amazing. This would only be topped if I could see her and even better teleport back to her to visit. I really wish she could have travel with us but she is right about her being a distraction. Hopefully I can get back to her before I become as old as the people that I travel with.

I had the most interesting conversation with Qatana and her mice spirits or are they her true gods. Qatana had to recount what they were saying but it seems that they can aid in making Qatana grayflame weapon. I have been a little nervous about creating this as I was not sure how the gods would react. The blessing of the eight mice is a sign that it is ok for me to create the grayflame weapon. All of the mice had great ideas on how to make the weapon even better. While these ideas are amazing they are way beyond my abilities, maybe if Sparna was still with us he might know how to do some of these amazing things. I made it clear to all of them that they are welcome to help and add any of these amazing abilities.

Kali and Dasi traveled to Miliwan to sell and buy stuff. I’ll admits that until yesterday I had forgotten that Sparna left the morning star with me. Right now I think Kali would try to sell Qatana’s mice if she thought she could get a good price. I worry about her as she seems very uptight. Kali shaved her head and dressed up as a follower of a religion that I can’t remember, its the god symbol on my left lower back. This seemed a little over the top and I now regret suggesting that she go to town with Dasi. Their trip was uneventful and I find it truly amazing that Kali went to town without causing drama. I can only assume that Dasi did all of the talking. It still confusing as to why Kali had to go to such an extreme disguise, couldn’t she just dress like a normal everyday person and go as Dasi’s travel companion? Maybe someday she can find a way to be happy as herself.

Today we entered the spirit forest. With the sun near midday we came across a way marker. We left gifts per Miyaro’s suggestion. Out from the trees came a small man that bowed to us and I bowed back. From what I understand he is a forest spirit. Radella and Qlmas almost effortlessly put the marker back in place. Dasi relayed an odd discussion where the spirit did not believe that the person traveling with us was Miyaro. This seems a little odd to me. After the discussion between Miyaro and this spirit he just merged with the marker. It would be amazing if the gods granted me the power to walking into things to travel to far off places, but I am already thankful for the gifts that I have received. If not for the will of the gods I would never have even met Sesi.

With the help of Star and the others the weapon enchantment is coming along. On the second night of enchanting the mouse from my backpack made an appearance. I have given up on trying to find where this mouse is hiding in my backpack. I had come to the point that I believed that the mouse was not real or in some way related to the gods. Qatana surprised me by asking the name of this mouse. I told her the truth, I don’t know its name. No one else has said anything about the mouse so I assume they either can’t see it or are afraid to admit that there are things in the world that can’t be explained. Whether the mouse is real or not is not important, sometimes it is just better to accept that there are amazing things in this world and to enjoy the moment. I think the mouse is just a simple reminder to me on what is important in life.

 Tonight we had another visit from a spirit only this wasn’t as amazing as the Kami that transported himself through the marker. Oh Dasi explained that the guy from the other day is called a Kami. Things went bad when the spirit joined with Sandru. Dasi and Kali talked with the spirit that settled inside Sandu to figure out what was happening. As it turns out this is the spirit of some poet that lived over a 100 years ago, at least that is what Dasi says. Kali mentioned that dispel magic might work so I ask Sandru if it would be ok to try it. Kali started to I think tell me to wait but I was able to cast the spell before she could object. I know that Dasi and Kali were excited about what information that the spirit could provide but I was more concerned with Sandru’s wellbeing. I think even Sparna with agree with my decision to free Sandru from the clutches of this spirit. Kali’s idea is for Qatana to channel positive energy next time along with protection from evil. We already tried protection from evil and it was useless. This obsession with thinking that anything that might hurt us is evil is so confusing. I still fail to understand why the gods gave me protection from evil, thus far this has been a totally useless spell. Sometimes I think I need more protection from those that call themselves good.

 Giants attack! A simple command spell on the first giant failed. Who knew that giants had such will power to resist this spell? It was a weak spell but I had hoped that it would work. In almost an instant the giant was being surrounded by all sorts of magic. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a giant off to the left that was tossing boulders at the caravan wagon Ameiko was riding on. I readied my bow and shot the giant when he came back into view. Up to this point I was thinking that maybe we could talk it over with the giants but when he hit me with two boulders I decided that I didn’t like him very much anymore.  I find it amazing that the giants were stupid enough to attack a well-armed group of people and think they could win.  We traced our way to the giant’s house and found some bolts of silk, white tiger skin and a lot of food. The preserved hobgoblin did not taste very good. Kali organized the food for the caravan and I placed the remaining food out so that the wild animals in the area would benefit.

 I am completely confused. When the gods granted me the spell sending I thought that this is one of the most amazing spells ever invented. I could not understand why the gods waited so long to grant me this spell. Once again I am humbled by their wisdom. They must has known the burden that also comes with this spell. Who but the gods could have predicted that being able to communicate with family would be so stressful? Sesi and Abby haven’t even met yet and they already have volumes of things to tell each other. How can two women thousands of miles away cause so much confusion? I did not expect to be relaying messages between the two of them. I really think the gods need to create some type of magic that will allow two women thousands of miles apart to communicate. Once Ameiko is on the throne the plan is to take Sesi and grandma to visit my family. Can’t they just wait and talk face to face? I don’t have to ask either of them for the answer to that question.

 Well I will have to say that Qatana fail turned out amazing. I don’t really understand why I was compelled to put mice on the handle but it just seemed like the enchantment wouldn’t work unless there were mice on the handle. I learned from Sparna that sometimes you have to go with what feels right when enchanting magic onto weapons. I am really not sure if I enchanted the weapon of if the mice enchanted the weapon. I guess it doesn’t really matter.

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